Dr. Pratibha Govindaiah

MBBS, DNB-OBG, FMAS (Fellowship in Reproductive)

Welcome To Janya Fertility Center - HSR Layout

Fertility Specialist | Gynecologist | Obstetrician

Janya, the Sanskrit word of arising, form or produced from, Me Being a fertility specialist have come across many couple struggling to have a child, the dream of their own offspring, hence I felt Janya is the perfect name for our fertility center.

“Giving Life To Your Dreams” Is Our Vision – Lets help you in that.

Having child is one of the most memorable, amazing & miraculous gift from God, With a strong belief of and the right treatment we will help you for a successful pregnancy.

We do understand that undergoing the fertility treatment might me emotionally & physically stressful. not to worry you get an individualized treatment protocol that is best suited to every couple to achieve pregnancy in the most non intensive serene manner.

While being dedicated to providing comprehensive care to each individual facing infertility issues or any other reproductive endocrinology problems, with our complete team of dedicated, caring and compassionate team of doctors & the support staff.

You can be rest assured on us of being sincere, honest with utmost care to each individual undergoing treatment.

What You Get?

  • Best Fertility Treatments.
  • No More Recurrent Pregnancy Losses.
  • Root Cause Of Infertility, Diagnosis.
  • Assisted Reproductive Treatment.
  • Best IVF Treatment With Transparency.
  • Latest Technology Put To Use.
  • High Success Rate Of Pregnancy.
  • Being Honest & Ethical During Treatment Protocol.
  • Educating You For An Informed Decision & Choice Of Treatment.

- Dr. Pratibha Govindaiah

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